Fine Vibes

Solar Solutions

Tushar Raj


Tushar is known for immaculate project execution in the world of power generation and transmission. Having cut his teeth in one of the major consulting firms of the world he translates the global best practices for local scenarios. He is currently helping solar power plant owners with getting desired output with minimal cost

Shantanu Vyas


Shantanu comes with a background of solid success in raising new business from scratch. His diversified portfolio carries success stories in Agribusiness, EPC and Healthcare. Currently Shantanu is spearheading the renewable energy revolution in central Indian states of MP and Chattisgarh with multiple captive powerplants in process

Siddharth Tiwary


Siddharth comes with a rich 14+ years of experience assisting businesses to derive value out of technology. He has helped clients across different sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Beverages and Logistics  using tools to realise savings and sustainable growth through adoption of innovative solutions and execution methodology. He is currently helping MSMEs save fixed cost and achieve sustainability along with reduced carbon footprint while still meeting the challenges of ongoing pandemic through solar power solutions

Gautam Vyas


Gautam is the resident rockstar. Armed with years of experience of executing E2E mega projects while working with the best engineering firms of the world Gautam is helping the budding entrepreneurs achieve due milestones in their project journey

Sneha Chopra

Marketing Consultant

Sneha is a passionate entreprenuer. , who believes in frugality and minimalism. She holds her roots in spirituality. She is also a fitness enthusiast, a marathon runner, and a value investor. She is working closely with Fine Vibes to shorten the gap between users finding the right solutions to optimize their electricity costs and the government bodies that willfully looking forward to extend their support in renewable energy.